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Yay for Cars

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I took my car in for an oil change yesterday.

After looking up some places online, reading a few reviews, and calling for some prices, I drove to Nine Minute Oil and Lube in Mountain View. They claim that you leave 9 minutes after you arrive, and you can sit in your car and wait if you want.

I did in fact leave 10 minutes after arriving, and that was after staying to talk with the technician. I’d been excited at the prospect of perhaps sitting in my car while they jacked it up… but was even more surprised to get out and see that they change my oil from underground. The track that I drive onto opens up, and people underground reach up to drain the oil… it was cool.

Now why, might you ask, did I stay that extra minute to talk with the technician?

Well, you see, the first thing they did after I drove up was open my hood. Standard thing to do. But then the guy called out to me, “You may want to come look at this….” So I did. And what I saw was a 4-inch crack in my radiator, out of which steam was billowing and green goo (aka coolant) was oozing.


The oil change cost me $36 after tax and a disposal fee; a bit more than it would have cost me to do it myself, but less time-consuming… like, you know, 10 minutes. The radiator, on the other hand, will cost me a minimum of $250 and up to $600 to replace, depending on how masochistic I’m feeling when I choose the place to take it.

Damn them. Always trying to help.

WordPress RSS feed for a single author

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago, I started importing posts on this blog to my Facebook profile. It was easy to set up, and seemed to work perfectly… until Pamela wrote a blog post, and it got imported to my Facebook profile as well. Oops.

I searched the WordPress docs for a while to see if there was an easy way to expose different RSS feeds per author, but I didn’t find one, so I decided to see if Yahoo! Pipes could help me out. I’d never used Yahoo! Pipes before, but it took all of 5 minutes (I skipped the tutorial and documentation…) to get a working RSS feed filtered by author. Props to Yahoo!

Anyway, Facebook should now be importing only posts by me to my profile. If you don’t hear from me again on this subject, that means it’s working. 🙂

[Update 2009-04-18: Apparently, WordPress has the ability to export an RSS feed of posts per author.  For my posts on this blog, the URL is http://tedandpamela.com/author/ted/feed.  The documentation is buried deep in http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_list_authors.  Thanks to Brian Tarricone for the tip. ]

Meet the Parents

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Meet the parentsLast month, Pamela’s parents and my parents finally met for the first time.

Surprised?  They only live about three hours away from each other and we’ve consistently invited both sides of the future-family to our birthdays, dance competitions, housewarmings, and other family-friendly events.  Nevertheless, both sets of parents never managed to come at the same time.

After we got engaged, Pamela and I decided that our parents should meet each other, so we attempted to coordinate a meeting date.  After throwing out every weekend for two months due to a conflict for one person or another (foreshadowing of future coordination issues…), we finally decided that March 21 would work for everyone.

It went surprisingly well (in my opinion).  We agreed to meet up for lunch at Fat’s Bistro in Roseville.  All of the parents were early, and Pamela and I were… umm… half an hour late.  At least we managed to notify everyone that we were going to be late.  =)  As we expected, the mothers did most of the talking.  The conversation ranged from knitting to dancing to traveling to work, sleep deprivation, and everything in between.  No one made a fool of themselves, though Pamela and her dad were as silly as expected.

Oh, and I took pictures!  =D