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Yay for Cars, Part II

June 1st, 2009 by Pamela

My car got stolen last Wednesday.

By a 15-year-old student of mine.

He apparently took my keys from my purse, cut class, and went on a joyride all over town for several hours with 2 of his friends without me knowing, before getting pulled over by a very astute sheriff.  I got a phone call during my last class of the day saying “a sheriff is here about your car,” to which I responded, “Why, what’s wrong with it?”

On top of it, the kid removed the house keys from my key ring and threw them randomly around campus over fences and into dumpsters. One was never recovered.

I’m not sure whether to feel betrayed and outraged that he would do such a thing or to feel like an idiot for not noticing my keys getting stolen from my purse…

This concludes what is hopefully the final installment of “Tales from a First-Year Teacher”…  finals end next Thursday.

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