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Updated WordPress

August 9th, 2009 by Ted

I just updated to WordPress version 2.8.4. The process wasn’t as simple as I had hoped.  I had to backup a bunch of files and directories that I wanted to keep, unzip the new version, overwrite my WordPress installation directory with files from the new version, then copy the backed-up files back into the installation directory.  After that, WordPress ran a database update script.  Took me… 30 min. or so.  At least everything seems to be working still.

Please let me know if anything on this site looks or behaves strangely.

3 Responses to “Updated WordPress”

  1. Hey, I’m Pamela’s high school friend 🙂
    I’m wondering why you didn’t just use the built in update feature in the WordPress admin panel. You would have been upgraded in 5 minutes tops.

    • Ted says:

      Hey Nathan,

      It looks like WordPress’s automatic update feature requires the host to be running an ftp server, which mine isn’t right now. At the time, I thought it would be easier to update manually — I’ll try setting up an ftp server next time, at the very least it’ll be a good learning experience. =)

  2. Really? Are you sure? I never gave any of my WP’s my FTP data… I just go to Admin -> Tools -> Upgrade (/wp-admin/update-core.php) and if there are updates available, it will give me a few steps to click (nothing to type in) and then it’s done.