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Back to full speed

October 8th, 2009 by Ted

About a week ago, we noticed that tedandpamela.com had slowed to a crawl, but we didn’t have time to investigate until recently.

Well, tonight, Eric made two changes that seem to have dramatically improved performance.  First of all, he increased the memory for our virtual server (hosted by RimuHosting) from 96MB to 160MB.  Still not much, but because of this change, our server isn’t using swap anymore.  Secondly, apparently  RimuHosting’s DNS servers changed, and our server couldn’t resolve hostnames.  Oops.  It’s possible our web server was trying to do something like resolve the ip address for incoming requests to hostnames, and wouldn’t respond until after DNS resolution timed out.

I also made a few changes to speed things up a bit.  I installed the wp-cache plugin for WordPress and enabled mod_deflate for text content.  For good measure, I also installed WPDB-Profiling, a plugin to break down where WordPress is spending its time, and enabled MySQL slow query logging.

Please let us know if the site still seems to be slow.

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