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Saturday, November 21st, 2009

I ordered a wedding dress 3 weeks ago!

My mom was coming down from Sacramento 4 weeks ago to see the new house, and suggested we look at wedding dresses while she was down. (Secretly, I think she was far more excited about dress shopping than about seeing the house. :P) This is lucky, as I hadn’t even thought about dresses and it’s high time I got one ordered since they take several months to get properly fitted.

We made appointments at David’s Bridal in San Jose for Saturday and Trudy’s Brides in Campbell for Sunday. I was late to the appointment at David’s Bridal, but they let me in. I had no idea what I wanted yet, so I began by wandering through some of the aisles of dresses and flipping through the catalog, pointing out things I liked and didn’t like and selecting a few to try on. I eventually ended up trying on about 5 dresses, spending quite a bit of time looking at each one once it was on, and ended up with 3 styles in the end. The first dress I liked; the second one I liked the style of but didn’t like the silver embroidery–it clashed with the whiteness of the rest of it. The third one was simpler and I liked it less. I also tried on an off-white one that I really liked, but it was much more expensive. Most of the dressses available to be tried on are in large sizes, like 8, so my attendant always had to clip the back of them tighter for me, and they have raised pedestals to stand on in front of the mirror to let the hem hang down farther without getting stepped on.

The next day when I went to Trudy’s Bridal, I started out with a clearer picture of the kind of things I liked. I liked angled rouching, some lacework or beadwork, modified A-line cuts, and decorated trains. Unlike at David’s, my attendant at Trudy’s stayed with me the whole time rather than coming and going, and managed to crank out half a dozen dresses on me in half the time I spent at David’s. They were also mostly dresses I liked in general, due to me having been able to give specifications beforehand. At the end, there were two that were similar that I really liked.

We made an appointment to return to David’s the following Saturday; they were having a sale that ended shortly thereafter and my mom really didn’t want to miss it. I tried to make an appointment for Trudy’s on the same day, but they were full. During my second time at David’s, I tried back on one that I’d liked from before, and also pointed out a few I’d found in the catalog over the past week that I wanted to see. I’d found what I was calling a princess dress, which was beautifully decorated and had a gorgeous train. I’d also found a dress with “cap sleeves”, and I thought the cap sleeves were a pretty alternative to a halter or strapless style. And I’d found a dress with all of the specifications I’d given at Trudy’s except for the decorated train.

The princess dress was gorgeous but very heavy, making it more difficult to move around in. It also flared out from my waist, which I’ve never found as flattering on myself. With the “cap sleeves” dress, I decided the cap sleeves were the part I liked most about it, and it turns out those can be added on to others. The third new dress was super comfortable, looked really good on me, and could have cap sleeves attached to it. The only downside it had was that the train was really plain. I ended up ordering the third dress with cap sleeves to have attached to it, and we decided we’d look into ways to spruce up the train with a seamstress. I’d tried it on in champagne, but ordered it in white.

They told me before I left that the dress should arrive by January (it had to be ordered in a much smaller size…), but got an email about 2 weeks ago now saying that it had arrived! Now I just need time to go pick it up and get it fitted.