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Have you seen one of these before?

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Several weeks ago, I found a strange device in the TV cabinet that the previous owners of our house had left for us. It was screwed into the wood on the bottom of one of the TV cabinet’s storage spaces, and had a standard power plug coming out of it. Curious, I took it out and ripped it apart. Here’s what it looked like:

One end Two parallel copper plates inside The copper plates fit inside as shown. The other side

Since I still had no idea what this was, I sent out a tweet with a picture asking if anyone knew. A few people suggested that it might be a capacitor, but the plates are too far away to have any capacitance. Then my cousin Steve suggested that it might be a old-skool power strip, and pointed me to some similar pictures. Turns out he’s right; I guess he’s old enough to have seen them before.  😉

Check it out:

A power strip!