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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

It’s been warm and sunny this week! Saturday, I got to pet and feed a wild kitty and repot my poor redwood tree while soaking in sunshine. And after a frustrating (for me) private lesson on Sunday in which we were told the same things we’ve been hearing and apparently haven’t fixed (Pamela, be more active… Ted, lead from your center and stop distorting your frame…), we had a delicious yummy lunch outside on the front steps! Toasted sandwiches, tomato bisque soup (yummy when sandwiches are dipped in it too), raspberries, bananas, and coconuts.  Coconuts have become my new favorite thing.  We then fell asleep sitting on the steps, like turtles in the sun, and didn’t even hear Eric and Gina drive up until they were past us and walking in the house.  Now it’s back to the homework… I hate my credentialing classes; they’re useless. I want a nap instead.