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Meet the Parents

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Meet the parentsLast month, Pamela’s parents and my parents finally met for the first time.

Surprised?  They only live about three hours away from each other and we’ve consistently invited both sides of the future-family to our birthdays, dance competitions, housewarmings, and other family-friendly events.  Nevertheless, both sets of parents never managed to come at the same time.

After we got engaged, Pamela and I decided that our parents should meet each other, so we attempted to coordinate a meeting date.  After throwing out every weekend for two months due to a conflict for one person or another (foreshadowing of future coordination issues…), we finally decided that March 21 would work for everyone.

It went surprisingly well (in my opinion).  We agreed to meet up for lunch at Fat’s Bistro in Roseville.  All of the parents were early, and Pamela and I were… umm… half an hour late.  At least we managed to notify everyone that we were going to be late.  =)  As we expected, the mothers did most of the talking.  The conversation ranged from knitting to dancing to traveling to work, sleep deprivation, and everything in between.  No one made a fool of themselves, though Pamela and her dad were as silly as expected.

Oh, and I took pictures!  =D