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Mostly working

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Whew.  The site is finally up and running.  Mostly.

Pamela and I originally purchased tedandpamela.com and pamelaandted.com for our wedding site, but after some deliberation, we decided to make it a more general “Ted and Pamela” site.  We started by sketching out ideas for the content and design on paper, then I took a first pass at implementation.  What you’re seeing now is something like revision three.  The layout and design is stable, I’ve installed WordPress and hacked it with a custom theme to blend in with the rest of the site, and integrated Google Analytics.  However, there are still quite a few things that aren’t working quite as well as I’d like.

  • The original idea was for all links on either tedandpamela.com or pamelaandted.com to stay on the same domain, but WordPress seems to insist on having one canonical name that it uses for all links.  Also, it seems to use absolute urls for all of its links.
  • WordPress is actually installed in a /blog subdirectory of the main site, but I used mod_rewrite such that it appears to be installed in the root directory.  This is mostly working, but there are some noticible holes in the integration.  Some of the WordPress redirects don’t work properly, /blog goes to a broken page, etc.
  • The implementation of the design works pretty well in newer browsers (e.g. Firefox 3, Chrome, Safari), but some of the effects, such as the navigation mouseovers, don’t work in older browsers.  I could make these effects work in older browsers with some additional effort.
  • The links in the imported Google Reader RSS feed are mangled.

I’ll have to find time to resolve these problems.  The site will probably be flaky as I work on it — I’m not going to bother doing development on a separate instance of the site.  =)